Guide to Make money online with affiliate marketing 2020

Making money online has been a continuous trend over the internet for a very long time. Thousands of people have searched for a proper content that correctly explains or gives the best strategies to making money online.

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While there are various methods to make money online, we’ll be looking at affiliate marketing today. If you want to get updated on other methods, subscribe to our whatsapp list HERE , where we will send your updates on Business, Forex, Betting tips and more.

The concept behind affiliate marketing is to help people with products (Digital or Physical) to sell. This means you get a profit in percentage when a sale is made.

Let’s breakdown procedures and steps need to be taken to successful become an affiliate marketer.

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What is needed to start affiliate marketing?

To properly start affiliate marketing online business and make a whole lot of profits, you need to setup:

  • A phone or Laptop
  • A Mailing list software or app
  • A well built and designed website
  • Little funds for Marketing & Adverts.

Mailing List Software

Email is one of the best ways to reach customers and convert them into sales. The Mailing list app is a platform that helps us to store our customer or users email details so we can contact them regularly.

email marketing -

Messaging and customer relationship matters in making sales whether in digital or physical products. So we need to properly understand our audience/customers to form a solid relationship.

The software also helps us keep track and measure metrics. Which we can use to understand the audience and tweak our messaging to optimize for sales.

Get a mailing list account at Mailchimp.

Preparing a well built & Designed website

Every business needs a website, to show your customers what your business is all about and what they gain from it.
In affiliate marketing you basically need a website to manage all your affiliate products and properly optimize them.

Most people make the error of linking the advertised products to their affiliated producer without going through their own website.

When you got a website, you can have different pages for different products and link your adverts to these pages. These pages can be used to collect user emails and still market to them even if they don’t buy.

90% of people don’t buy on the first day; you need to make sure you remind them about the product for them to convert.

The website + the mailing list work together to help us get customers and keep a relationship with all of them.

Do you want us to prepare your website for you? Send us a message HERE to get it at reasonable prices.

Funds for Marketing & Advertising

Most people feel marketing is not important, but the truth is marketing is important and a major building block to gain customers.

While affiliate marketing needs no money to start-up, you need cash to help build that audience if you got none.

Marketing can be done physically , or using social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, instagram, and many others.

I won’t be explaining on running adverts in this article, but you can subscribe to our whatsapp list HERE, so you can get notified when article comes up.

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Get Started

Now that you know the basic building blocks to affiliate marketing, you can get started to start working.

We have various websites that offer affiliate products, among them are

  1. Amazon
  2. Commision Junction
  3. Jumia (Africa)

Create an account on any of the websites above, find a product on any niche, whether its fashion, sports, tech… You can make cash from any using this guide.

Get your website and your mailing list ready; remember to create individual pages for each product you will be marketing or selling.

Start Marketing and advertising to acquire customers and make sales. Using the strategy above you can start earning in no time. It looks like a lot of work, but effort and consistency is all you need to succeed.

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Points to Consider

  1. Choose a product you can market, marketing goes beyond writing posts, you can make graphics and videos to increase your reach and clicks
  2. Always make proper research on a product before marketing them. You need your audience or customers to patronise you regularly. Which means delivering the best products to them is your top priority.
  3. Get a well designed and SEO optimized website. Your website must be fast, SEO based and customer oriented. Reach us HERE to get your website.
  4. Market the proper way. It’s easy to start advertising but advertising to convert customers is not so simple. Reach us HERE for marketing or join the list HERE to follow up articles.

While we have giving you a basic and a working strategy to affiliate marketing, its your turn to get to work and start learning from experience.

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