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Have you ever wanted a legitimate online investment platform that pays you for investing your capital for a particular amount of time?

Today, I will be introducing you to MBA TRADES. I’ll like you to go sit down calmly, sip your juice as you read through this article.

Earning online is one of the most searched keyword or activity goggled or searched for throughout the internet. I know how hard it is going on and on for hours, days, and even months to find a profitable business online that you can dive right in.

Here at, we help you with various financial assessments and tips to ease your way to financial freedom.  

What is Investment? In the simplest form, investment involves the process of putting in capital or money for profit. There are a lot of schemes and platforms that has surfaced overtime, in which most of us have profited and also lost our capital.

MBA Trades (MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited) is a world class forex training and capital investment company.  Apart from capital investment, they also offer a comprehensive Forex training where you get to learn and trade yourself to get higher profits.

MBAtrades -

Brief Description

MBA Trading was established with the vision of impacting the general public with the knowledge of trading forex and creating platforms that will bring about sustainable financial freedom.

MBA has over 10,000(Ten Thousand) active investors. With offices located in Nigeria, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

MBA Investment in basic form

MBA investment pattern is as simple as walking to the bathroom. They enable you earn a profit every 30days for a period of 6months. After which you get back your capital at the end of the contract (After 6 months).

A lot of people do not understand the concept of investment or the process involved in investment. Investment involves time and patience.  Stop being greedy and you save yourself a lot of heart stress from losses.

MBA helps you invest your money in the financial markets, where they help trade your money with USD, CAD, JPY and many other currencies globally.

You might be worried about your money being stolen or being scammed. This is totally normal when dealing with business over the internet. MBATrade is a registered company and can be hold accountable when problem arises.

Start Investing

While we have properly understood what MBA is and how trusted they are, lets proceed to successfully creating an account with MBA Trade & Start Investing to secure a profitable future.

MBA has various plans available, which is affordable for anyone really interested in investment.

1. MBA Huge Saver Package

This plan is suitable for individuals who want to save up their ROI for a period of time. With this package, the Accrued ROI is paid quarterly(Every 3 months ), T/C Apply.

2. MBA Smart Saver Package

With this plan investors are guaranteed a monthly ROI for 12 Months

Each of these packages has several sub divisions which are listed for you to choose from when making an investment.

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Things to know

  • Minimum investment is $1000
  • MBA Trading and Capital Investment limited, your investment is guaranteed because of adequate risk management with major national and international brokerage firms.
  •  There are two platforms in MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited. They  have the training / trading institute and investment platform
  • In MBA Trading and Capital Investment limited, multiple accounts are not allowed for the purpose of proper investment management and prevention of fraud, but you can have multiple active investments running simultaneously.
  • In MBA Trading and Capital Investment limited, your monthly interest is paid via bank transfer or cheque.

Proceed to creating your account HERE; you should activate your account with your email address and proceed to login in successfully.

MBAtrades signup -

Your dashboard will be presented to you, where you should be able to Invest, Deposit, Withdraw, Follow Transactions, and set up your account.  Do well to verify your identity, add a bank account and setup your profile.

Before you invest in any package, verify your identity and make a deposit first. Minimum investment is $1000.

After successful verification & deposit, you can track your investment details from your dashboard.

MBAtradesdashboard -

We have made this article as simple as possible for everyone to get an all round view of what the MBA Trade is all about. Do you have any questions? Please drop a comment below and don’t forget to share to someone that needs to learn.

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