Becoming a Successful Social media Influencer anywhere

You have heard of the term ‘SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER’ and you have the urge to become one so that you can also take some benefits major influencers get.

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Who a Social media influencer is?

Influencers are found in all social media around the net, Facebook, twitter, instagram, even whatsapp. These social networks have helped a lot of people become popular celebrities and helped them raise a lot of money while doing it.

An Influencer can be anyone, a comedian, a musician, a techy or even a cook. Being an influencer means you have something to offer that people are interested in and they look forward to seeing it in action or reading a tweet or post about it.

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In the simplest term, a social media influencer is someone who has established credibility in a specific industry has access to a huge audience and can persuade their audience to act based on recommendations.

Where’s the best platform to start or to focus on becoming an influencer

While we have various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube, tiktok and many more.  Some are more made for influencers than others.

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Influencers are all about marketing and pushing the ideas of a brand to a wide range of audience which means you need a platform that gives you the ability to measure your audience views and easily delivers the content to them at any time.

Based on our understanding, Top 3 areas for a social media influencer is:

  • Instagram – Media Sharing Website.
  • Twitter – Micro blogging service
  • YouTube – Video Sharing service

Other networks like Facebook, Whatsapp also give users the ability to share contents and offer brand products but the one’s highlighted are the best and drags more bands attention.

You might be wondering how much an influencer makes a month or even yearly. This price is not static has different influencers have different pricing structure. You should expect a minimum of $200/month for someone with an average reach.

How many followers should I have before considering myself an influencer?

Most successful Influencers that are making it big in the industry have a minimum of 20 million followers on instagram or twitter. It doesn’t mean you need a million to become an influencer or to start receiving offers from brands.

Some influencers also receive offers from small scale businesses, so you can build your audience to the least 20k – 30k followers to be recognized as a reputable influencer in any country.


What Niche are Profitable for me to become an Influencer

A Niche is the starting point of becoming a successful social media influencer. A niche simply means the area or the sector of audience you are focused on.

Some people focus on tech, music, comedy, fashion and many more.  Pick one and build an audience around it.

It’s okay to build a multi niche audience; it’s all about how you manage your contents. Some Niches you can consider jumping right into are:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Makeup
  • Music & Instrumentals
  • Sports & Personal Trainer
  • Cooking
  • Modelling & Fashion

In a nutshell, your niche should be something you are good at, something you derive joy doing.

It takes time building a large audience, you need learning, and effort to get to the 20k range then you focus on reaching a million.

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Learn from Influencers in your Industry

Every Instagram Influencer combines their brand awareness with consistent posting and personal touch to daw users in.

If you truly want to become successful in social media influencing, you need to be well rounded and keep learning every day.

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